Q: Can I enter a video I filmed before the contest was announced?
A: Yes, but remember fresh is always better than stale.

Q: Can I enter if I’m not located in the US?
A: Yes, this contest is open internationally.

Q: How should I upload my video for the contest?
A: Please use Vimeo or Youtube. We recommend Youtube since it is more dependable than Vimeo. Please do not upload your video to Facebook. If you do we can’t use the footage for our highlight video.

Q: Can I submit more than one video?
A: No, please enter one video. However, if you’ve already entered and you make a better one, you may delete your first entry and post your new one.

Q: Do I still own my footage for this project?
A: Yes, the only thing we’ll use it for is a highlight edit of the contest entries.

Q: How will I know if I am one of the top-ten finalists?
A: After October 22nd, check http://www.veinvote2012.com or http://www.facebook.com/veinbmxmailorder for the Top 10 announcement.

Q: If I win, how will I get my $1000 Veinbmx.com credit?
A: You will be emailed a code that you’ll be able to enter on http://www.veinbmx.com at checkout.


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