Vein BMX is putting up a Grand Prize of $1,000 in store credit for the Best Edit posted on our Facebook wall, which will be decided by you the riders after being narrowed down to a top 10 by the Vein riders and staff.

1. Go to the Vein Facebook page to see the entries.
2. The top 10 entries will be chosen by the vein staff & riders on October 22nd. Voting will begin as soon as the winners are announced.
3. It will be up to you to decide the 2012 Vein Vote winner. Voting will run from October 22nd – 30th.
4. The winner will be announced on October 31st.

-Parts must be only 3 minutes or less
-Music is optional

*Submitting your video gives us the right to reproduce for a web highlight video.


7 responses to “INFO

  1. I think imma give it a try, only thing is i have to wait for my hands to heal after surgery from Wednesday and i’m still waiting for my parts for my bike to get in. but other than that I PUMPED FOR THIS!!!

  2. when you look at some of the videos, where it says “share this” and by the facebook icon it sometimes shows numbers, different numbers on each persons and they keep going up, what do those numbers mean?

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